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Iron Infusion

What is iron?

Iron plays a vital role in the transport and storage of oxygen, in oxidative  metabolism and in cellular growth: Iron is an essential building block for  haemoglobin, a protein present in the red blood cells. Haemoglobin carries  oxygen from the lungs to the tissues and organs. Haemoglobin is dependent on iron for its formation and oxygen-carrying property, and a deficiency of iron can cause a drop in the haemoglobin level, resulting in a condition called iron  deficiency anaemia. Low haemoglobin or iron levels may cause one to feel constantly tired. This may prevent you from carrying your normal daily activities.

What are the symptoms of iron deficiency?

* Fatigue and tiredness
* Palpitations
* Restless legs
* Low Mood
* Hair thinning
* Irritability
* Poor concentration, memory and learning

When is iron infusion performed?

Iron infusion may be recommended for patients who require an iron replacement for the treatment of anaemia.

What does the procedure involve?

The iron will be administered by your doctor or nurse, who will insert a needle into one of your veins. This will allow the formula to enter your blood stream intravenously. In some cases, blood tests will be taken to check for any unwanted side-effects and allergies. You may feel some light headedness and dizziness following the treatment if you have been in a lying or seated position for some time.


What to expect on the day
* You do not need to fast or stop taking any medication for the procedure
* Please wear comfortable clothing with sleeves no longer than elbow length
* Bring along something to keep you occupied i.e.; iPhone, magazine or book
* Fill your prescription given to you by your doctor on previous visit to your infusion appointment
* You will have an intravenous cannula inserted so please advise your doctor if you have needle phobias
* A registered nurse will monitor your heart rate ,temperature, blood pressure and how you are breathing for the length of the infusion
* You can drive home after the infusion and resume normal activity unless there is an unexpected reaction.

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