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Australia and New Zealand have the highest incidence and prevalence of allergic diseases in the world. Taking into account all stats of allergy, one in every 4 people in Australia suffer from allergy, one in 10 people suffer from asthma.

Common presentations of allergy include:  Hay fever (runny nose and sneezing), Asthma, Eczema, Hives and food allergies. Rarely allergy may lead to a severe and life-threatening situation (anaphylaxis).

Despite its high prevalence, allergy is underdiagnosed and undertreated. For proper diagnosis, a thorough history and examination, as well as allergy testing can be helpful.

Skin prick testing is the most informative test which helps in the diagnosis of allergic conditions.

Unfortunately, despite the high incidence of allergy, there are very few places providing allergy services on the Sunshine Coast.
Dr Boorboor is the only doctor currently working in the allergy clinic.

For this reason, we do not accept online bookings and we do require our patients to call our centre during business hours to discuss available appointment times.


How long will my initial appointment take?

Your initial allergy appointment takes about 20-30 minutes, in this session the condition is assessed and further investigations and treatment discussed. Usually, skin prick testing is the diagnostic tool of choice.


How long does the skin prick test take?

The time for Skin prick testing may vary but in general, it takes 40-50 minutes, at the end of the session the result is clear and the agent can be detected. If required follow up appointments will be made in addition to dietitian support.

This is a relatively safe test and major reactions are extremely uncommon. The test cannot be done on uncooperative or restless patients. Antihistamines and oral steroid tablets should be avoided for 7 days prior to the testing.


How much will my appointments cost?

Your initial allergy appointment will be $120.00 with a Medicare rebate of $76.95.  If a skin prick test is booked it is payable at the time of booking at $200 with a Medicare rebate of $ 111.95.

This service is not able to be cancelled however, it can be moved to another appointment day/time with 2 days prior notice.

If required follow up appointments will be made in addition to dietitian support.



To make a booking please make sure you have your Medicare card available (as security for cancellation policy only. Please note, Sunshine Allergy Clinic is a speciality clinic and as such carries a strict cancellation policy of 48 hours. If you do not show up to your appointment without cancelling 48 hours prior you will be charged a cancellation fee of $100.

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